Joint tax audits



19 and 20 NOVEMBER 2018 At BMW WELT Munich

The next INTERNATIONAL TAX AUDIT FORUM takes place on 19th and 20th of November 2018. It will mainly focus on international tax auditors’ experiences and knowledge.


Tax auditors give insight in anonymised real cases and the collaboration with foreign colleagues. They discuss problems arising from National, European and International Tax Law and different administration structures. Follow the auditors’ way of thinking from the beginning to the end of the cases.

In addition, listen to the high-level discussions with international representatives from tax administrations, associations, science, economy, OECD and EU.


Join the discussion, share your knowledge with us and let us seek ways for coexistence in a spirit of fair play. Get in touch with professionals from different working areas of tax law and tax administration all around the world.
Conference languages: English and German (simultaneous translation)