International Tax Audit Forum Munich e.V.


This society is headquartered in Munich. 

The aim of the society is to promote the advanced professional training of experts in the field of international tax law as well to promote scientific dis-courses on international tax law. In keeping with the objectives, the society regularly conducts special public events on related topics, it facilitates relevant discussion forums and publications.   


Following new members can be recruited for the supporting association:  

• Georg Fahrenschon
• Professor Dr. Kurt Faltlhauser
• Professor Dr. Juliane Kokott
• Martin Kreienbaum
• Professor Dr. h.c. Rudolf Mellinghoff
• Eckehard Schmidt (Vorsitzender)
• Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Schön
• Dr. Hartmut Schwab
• Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Spindler
• Berthold Welling